Maia Wins Award in Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy

January 29, 2018

Friday’s Bright Spot shines on two young local philanthropists receiving recognition.

Eight-year-old Maia Bastianelli received the Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy award Friday from the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

 Over the past year, Maia has turned her paintings of landscapes into note cards. She then sold the note cards and gave 100% of the proceeds to Daystar, which provides care for medically fragile children.

“Anybody can make a difference, no matter if they just believe or anything,” said Bastianelli. “They have to follow their minds and know they can do it.”

Bastianelli has raised over $20,000 dollars to benefit the children at Daystar.

Zaire Downs also received the Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy award Friday. He collected 1,000 shoes and sneakers for kids who can’t afford them.

“I learn that if I put my mind to it, I can do anything I achieve,” said Downs.

Congratulations to both of these young philanthropists!

Congratulations to Maia Bastianelli!Barnes and Noble Event